7 Signs Someone is Abusing Drugs

30. December 2015

Being able to spot the signs of addiction can help save a life. If you have a feeling someone you know is addicted to or using drugs there are some telltale signs that will help you tell the difference between someone who is  tired and someone who is high. Keep an eye out for these 7 easy to notice signs that someone is abusing drugs, if you notice any of these signs it is always best to play it safe and approach that person regarding their possible addiction.

They Are Easily Offended When You Ask Them About Possible Use

You’ve noticed that they are beginning to act a little different or a bit off. When you approach them and express your concerns they instantly get defensive. Some people may even try to make you feel guilty for even being concerned. If someone is not using they may get a bit offended but not in the same way for one who is actively using. We’ve all lied before, chances are most of us have got caught in a lie at some point in our lives. That’s the reaction you want to look for but with the knob turned to 11.

Less Interest in Old Hobbies and Activities

The things that used to bring this person happiness seem to be nonexistent. You rarely see them in their down time doing much of anything, that’s if you ever see them at all. Any old hobbies and interests are fading. They stopped going to the gym, you can’t remember the last time they were at a park or doing anything outdoors. You haven’t seen them pick up their guitar or go to the movies in weeks. Keep an eye out, lack of interest can be the result drug use.


New Personal Relationships

You have noticed a significant change in the people that are involved your loved one’s life. You may have never seen these people before or heard them mention their names. These new people may seem a bit different than their old friendships. Some of their old friendships have faded, sometimes those positions remain empty other times new people come into the picture. Keep an eye out for who they are spending their time with.

Attitude or Behavioral Changes

You have noticed a change in your loved one’s sleeping patterns. They may have started isolating themselves. They can get angry faster than usual or may start crying at the drop of a dime. Their overall outlook on life is negative. Their sleep patterns are off and they seem to be missing work. You’ve noticed a physical change, maybe their skin is paler, they have new small cuts or scrapes, maybe some recent unexplained weight loss.

Financial Issues

Someone who is struggling with drug addiction is almost guaranteed to have financial issues. Their paychecks are gone by the end of the weekend even though their bills are minimal. You may notice that their gas tank is always sitting on empty. If you notice a loved one is constantly asking for money; if you notice your change jar is lower than you remembered it; if you wallet is often seeming lighter than usual, then keep a close eye on them.


Bloodshot Eyes/Unusual Size Pupils

Some drugs cause the pupils to dilate (become larger) while others cause them to constrict (become smaller). The most common drugs to cause pupil dilation are molly, cocaine, methamphetamines and ecstasy. These drugs can trigger a parasympathetic or sympathetic response, causing the pupils to dilate.Other drugs can cause the pupils to become constricted. A common term for this amongst addict is “pinned”. Drugs in the opioid family are mostly responsible for this, that includes but is not limited to; heroin, methadone, suboxone, morphine and Percocet. Bloodshot eyes are most commonly caused by marijuana.

Do You Think a Loved One is Abusing Drugs

If you think a loved one is struggling with addiction then do something about it today. The disease of addiction is real, it claims too many lives every day. Contact Intervention Services now at 1-877-478-4621 to start the process of getting help for you, your family and your loved one. You don’t need to wait for things to get worse. An intervention can stop the pain and chaos and help bring peace of mind to you and your family.