8 Celebrities Who Beat Addiction

18. November 2015

Drug addiction does not discriminate, addiction can affect anyone with no regard to their social standing, religion, ethnicity and gender. A lot has changed over the past few decades regarding addiction. 20 years ago addiction carried a stigma with it. This stigma made it a lot harder for those who were in active addiction to admit that there was an issue. Without admitting there was an issue the chances of that addict getting clean were almost non-existent. Addiction has never discriminated, it doesn’t care what your background is, how much money is in your bank account, how old you are, it can affect anyone. With more and more celebrity addicts coming out and telling their stories that stigma is slowly being lifted. celebrity addicts can give motivation to those who are in active addiction, it lets them know that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is hope to get clean and sober.

A lot of these celebrity addicts that have spoken publicly about their addiction have helped shed some light onto addiction. These celebrity addicts are helping change the way people look at addiction. Celebrity addicts are giving thousands of people the courage they need to admit that they have an issue. By admitting there is an issue these addicts are taking the first step on the road to recovery. Some celebrity addicts have been more public about their struggle with addiction, these are 8 of the most important celebrity addicts who are clean and sober today.

Slash – Guns n’ Roses Guitarist


Arguably one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Slash struggled with drug addiction for many years. Drugs come with the territory of being a rock star and Slash couldn’t get away from it. After struggling for over decade with various drugs, including heroin and cocaine, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. In 2001 he took the steps toward recovery with the help of his wife.

Robert Downey Jr

robert downey jr

He was one of the most popular actors in the late 1980’s into the 1990’s. After being arrested multiple times for various offenses his struggle with addiction was in the public eye for years. Downey was in and out of rehab multiple times, in 2001 he went into his last treatment center. With over 14 years clean and sober he is now the highest paid actor in Hollywood and has become a role model for thousands of individuals. When asked about his recovery he said “Job one is get out of that cave,” Downey Jr. said. “A lot of people do get out but don’t change. So the thing is to get out and recognize the significance of that aggressive denial of your fate, come through the crucible forged into a stronger metal. Or whatever.” Robert Downey Jr give his wife a lot of credit for helping him through his recovery.

Russell Brand

russel brand

Many people know him for his role in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, but Russell Brand has become one of the most vocal celebrities in recovery. Russell Brand is amongst some of the most well know celebrity addicts and he shares his message and story with millions of people throughout the world. He has helped bring recovery to the limelight with his two extremely popular specials on Netflix, “End the Drugs War” and “Russell Brand from Addiction to Recovery”. He has a very upfront and in your face approach. He doesn’t try and sugar coat addiction, he tells it how it is.

Eric Clapton

eric clapton

In 1977 when Eric Clapton released his cover of the song “Cocaine” , he was consuming massive amounts of the drug. He was also abusing heroin and alcohol for multiple decades. Clapton struggled with his addiction. “The thing about that kind of addiction that’s pretty funny, on reflection, is that I always thought, ‘I’m handling this. I can handle it. I can stop anytime. I just don’t want to stop right now.” He has been sober for 20 years and has opened multiple rehab centers and halfway houses to help those who are struggling.

Oprah Winfrey


It may come as a surprise that one of the most powerful women in the world struggled with addiction. She has created a massive following throughout the world of entertainment. Oprah had struggled with addiction at a young age her drug of choice was crack cocaine. In an interview with The Today Show in 2005 she said “Years ago I had a woman on my show who was talking about drugs and how she was addicted to her boyfriend and I had used drugs in my 20s with this boyfriend and I was more addicted to the boyfriend than I was to the drugs,” she revealed. “So the admission to using drugs on television was the biggest thing.” Oprah has been clean for many years and continues to help those who are still struggling.

Jamie Lee Curtis

jamie lee curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis became addicted to painkiller after she went through surgery at 35 years old. Originally she took her pills as prescribed, then started abusing to get high and to self medicate for her depression. She would often mix the pills with alcohol but managed to keep her addiction a secret from her family for years. In 2009 she went public with her addiction , she told the Huffington Post “I was a lucky one. I was able to see that the pain had started long ago and far away and that the finding the narcotic was merely a matter of time.” She has been clean for years and speaks openly about her struggles.

Danny Trejo

danny trejo

Danny Trejo’s life has changed dramatically over the years, he used to have a very different life. Born in 1944 he spent much of his youth in different juvenile centers. He was arrested multiple times for crimes that he committed to fuel his cocaine addiction. Most of the 1960’s he was in and out of prison in California, a big turning point for Trejo was during a prison riot in 1968, Trejo was in solitary confinement and made the decision that upon his release he would keep his nose clean. Trejo has been sober for over 45 years now.

Eminem aka Marshall Mathers

Marshall aka Eminem

Eminem is one of the most successful rappers of all time and he has been all but shy about his addiction. One of the more controversial celebrity addicts, with album titles like Recovery and Relapse, he has told his story in various ways. Like most addicts he started as a casual user, but what he occasionally did for fun eventually took over his life. His drugs of choice were Xanax and Vicodin, his battle lasted multiple years. He continues to voice his opinion about the nation’s war on drugs and the government’s outrageous costly drug programs. He is currently clean and sober.

Are You or a Loved One Struggling?

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