Cities in America with Large Sober Communities

22. July 2016

Although it’s fairly easy to develop an addiction, the process of achieving recovery is decidedly tedious. There’s no roadmap for recovery that works best for every person; instead, each addict must find the forms of treatments and other services that best address his or her recovery needs. This makes addiction recovery an incredibly variable process. Despite everything we’ve come to learn and understand about addiction, it still remains incredibly enigmatic.

However, we still find ourselves in the midst of a major addiction epidemic. With all the addiction treatments and other recovery resources we have at our disposal today, there are still many more people becoming addicted than there are addicts getting sober. Many explanations have been considered the root of this problem, but one of the most pressing issues is that people who get out of rehab simply resume their old lives; as such, they find themselves having immense difficulty staying sober for any length of time due to the unnecessary risks and temptation their old lives still pose. For this reason, it’s become increasingly popular for addicts seeking treatment to choose a facility that’s located in a city that has a strong recovery presence. The following are some of the top sober living cities considered to have the strongest, most prominent recovery communities that would be immensely helpful to individuals who are rehabilitating from addiction

Boston, Massachusetts

One of the most beloved cities in all of America, for a number of reasons, Boston also gets the honor of being one of the oldest. As well, Boston has a well above-average intelligence due to being the home to Ivy League schools such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT. Being a New England city with extensive history and wildly popular sports teams, there are a number of people in Boston — natives and visitors alike — who enjoy alcohol and other types of spirits; however, due to the high average intelligence of the city, the majority of Bostonians are responsible with alcohol and alcohol consumption. Additionally, they’re extremely respectful of sobriety, whether it’s by choice or because a person is a recovered addict.

For the latter, the New England city of Boston has a lot to offer, too. In Boston alone — i.e., not considering Cambridge or any of the adjacent towns — there are more than 2,000 separate twelve-step meetings that take place each week. Being such a highly populated city with nearly 650,000 residents, which is approximately the same number of people living in Washington, D.C., there are sure to be greater-than-average availability of a wide variety of different recovery resources. As long as you’re someone who doesn’t mind potentially harsh winters, Boston could be the perfect city for you to continue your recovery journey.

Delray Beach, Florida

The entire state of Florida is widely considered one giant recovery mecca. Compared to anywhere else in the U.S., Florida has a much greater number of addiction recovery facilities in a rather limited amount of space. In other words, the concentration of treatment centers in Florida is higher than in basically any other part of the country. Part of the reason for this is because the atmosphere and Florida locale evoke feelings of relaxation and make a person feel like he or she is on vacation rather than on a medical retreat. With so many alcohol and drug rehabs in such a relatively small space, there’s naturally going to be a higher percentage of recovered alcohol and drug addicts in Florida than anywhere else.

Additionally, it’s become common for individuals to remain in Florida after completing treatment there which promotes the strength of Florida’s recovery community. And while addiction recovery is prominent throughout the state of Florida, the city of Delray Beach and its surrounding area has the highest concentration of treatment facilities and halfway houses, therefore, making them one of the most highly active and supportive sober living cities.

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New York, New York

It’s called “the city that never sleeps”, which evokes images of all-night partying and nightlife; however, New York City has been identified as one of the best cities for individuals in recovery for a few key reasons. For one thing, with an astronomical population that’s currently at about 8.5 million people, it goes without saying that there would naturally be a high number of recovering addicts. With all those people in such a limited space, it would be easy to find and network with other sober individuals in New York City, which hosts an astounding 4,000 separate twelve-step meetings each week. There’s another major benefit to New York City, too: People who are sober will find that there are tons of things to do in New York City that doesn’t involve substance abuse. The city may evoke images of people sipping Cosmos in nightclubs, but for people in recovery, the city is an oyster that’s ripe for alcohol- and drug-free picking.

Portland, Oregon

According to figures from 2013, the population of Oregon is well over 600,000, which may come as a surprise to many people. Despite being a well-known city, Portland isn’t one of the first cities most would think of when trying to decide on an exciting place to live or visit. However, Portland is definitely an underestimated trove of all sorts of treasures. For one thing, it is host to a very active sober community and some very colorful twelve-step groups, many of which have entertaining nicknames like the “Knuckleheads” and “Bill’s Angels”. Oregon is not only up-and-coming in the culinary world with plenty of world-class restaurants, but it has some of the most gorgeous scenery in all of the Pacific Northwest. And if you ever tire of Portland’s spoils, you’re extremely close to a number of other places with lively recovery communities, including Seattle or — a bit further down the coast — Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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