What is a Crisis Intervention Service?

18. November 2015

Being able to differentiate between emotional stress and an emotional crisis is extremely important. Most people will go through emotional stress throughout their day to day life, but an emotional crisis is very different and far more damaging.  Crisis is defined as “a disruption of a person’s internal balance and coping mechanisms, causing distress and an inability to function.” An emotional crisis is usually caused by an extremely traumatic event but can be influenced by other things. When one goes through a traumatic event  that person’s ability to cope with what they are feeling almost disappears. Their coping skills are not active and they are no longer able to respond accordingly. When someone is going through an emotional crisis it is a good idea to hire a crisis intervention service.

Many people  in the United States struggle with mental health issues. Millions of Americans  struggle with some type of mental health disorder,  sadly only a fraction of those people receive treatment. Without treatment, mental health disorders can reach the point of becoming a crisis. An emotional crisis can be triggered by many different things, it could’ve been something that was building up for years. Things that can lead to a crisis include; eating disorders, depression, alcohol/ substance abuse, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, domestic abuse, loss of a loved one, car accidents and other traumatic events. If you believe a loved one is experiencing an emotional crisis or may soon experience one hiring a crisis intervention service may make all the difference.

What are the Signs of an Emotional Crisis?

emotional crisis


When someone is going through an emotional crisis the signs will be obvious. The change in that person can be drastic and can happen abruptly. You may notice that they have begun to neglect their personal hygiene. Others will experience a change in sleep habits some people will not be able to sleep through the night and will wake up often while others will sleep for very long periods of time. You may notice a sudden extreme weight gain or loss in your loved one. Your loved one may start having severe issues at school or at work, their performance will decline and they may be at risk of losing their job due to their self-neglect. They may show huge swings in their emotions going from sadness to anger in the blink of an eye. They may be more susceptible to become extremely sad and depressed.  Some people going through an emotional crisis may cut themselves off from the outside world, avoiding social activities and any type of gathering.

Some of these changes can more obvious than the others. Events such as a car accident, domestic abuse and  the loss of a job or a loved one can cause an emotional crisis to happen much faster. Most of the time an emotional crisis is a slow burning process that eventually explodes. If you notice that your loved one is a bit off and you feel something is wrong to try and think about how they have changed over the past month or so. Don’t be nervous about expressing your concerns to them, you don’t want to wait to talk to them. Waiting to intervene can be very dangerous, some people struggling through an emotional crisis will commit suicide. If you think something is wrong it is always better to say something. If you need help approaching them then look into a crisis intervention service.

If you or your loved one experienced some type of childhood trauma their chances of struggling with an emotional crisis are much greater. Childhood trauma can have a severe and long-lasting effect on that person. A child who has been traumatized will see the world as a dangerous and scary place when childhood trauma is not resolved it will follow that person into adulthood. When left untreated that  sense of fear and helplessness will carry over and will set the stage for further trauma to occur.

What Steps Should Be Taken?

The first step is to confront your loved one. By verbalizing your concerns to them, you are showing that care. This lays the foundation for you to go get professional help. A professional crisis intervention service is the best way to handle an emotional crisis.  Explain to your loved one that psychologists and the professionals that want to help them have been educated and trained so they can help them with their emotional and behavioral problems. It is extremely important that they receive help when their emotions reach that crisis point. Someone who works for a crisis intervention service will use proven techniques that go beyond just talking and listening to the person struggling. They will be able to teach you or loved one tool that can help with emotions, they will give them skills on how to handle and deal with stress and grief. Building goals and achieving them is a huge part of recovery from an emotional crisis.

How Can I Get Help for My Loved One?

If you are seeking help for a loved one who is currently struggling with an emotional crisis, then using a crisis intervention service is the right choice. An emotional crisis can be a very difficult thing to go through and without proper help is can be deadly. You can call us toll-free at 1-877-478-4621 Help is out there, an intervention can make all the difference in whether your loved one will agree to turn their life around.