What Exactly is a Crisis Intervention?

29. February 2016

Emotional stress is a normal part of life. Most people will go through different levels of emotional stress but going through an emotional crisis is very different and far more damaging.  A crisis is defined as “a disruption of a person’s internal balance and coping mechanisms, causing distress and an inability to function.” An emotional crisis will cause a lot of damage and distress in that person’s life, it will become unbalanced and can be chaotic. An emotional crisis can be triggered by an extremely traumatic event but other things can influence it. When someone goes through a traumatic event the person may have a very difficult time coping and dealing with the flood of emotions. Their coping skills are not as active and they are no longer able to respond accordingly.Having a crisis intervention on someone who is going through an emotional crisis can make a huge difference in their life.

The signs of an emotional crisis can be obvious, if you know what to look for. You may see a change in that person, for some it can be drastic and can happen abruptly. You may notice that they have started to neglect their personal hygiene or that their sleep habits have changed. Some people will not be able to sleep through the night and will wake up often, while others will sleep for very long periods of time. You may notice that your friend or family member has had a dramatic weight change. When someone is going through an emotional crisis they may have an extreme sudden weight gain or weight loss. Your loved one may start having issues at school or at the workplace. They may be at risk of losing their job due to their self-neglect and their decline in the quality of their performance. Riding an emotional roller coaster is normal, going from sadness to anger in the blink of an eye is typical for someone in an emotional crisis. They may be more susceptible to become extremely sad and depressed.  People will often isolate themselves from friends and family, activities that once brought them happiness will become something of the past.

How to Have a Crisis Intervention

distressed woman in therapy

Mental health issues are very common in the United States, when things get more severe and someone is going through an emotional crisis it is time to step in. The first step in getting them help is to confront your loved one. Verbalizing your concerns and showing that care is something small that can make a big difference. This will help lay the foundation for a crisis intervention. It is best to not go about this alone, hiring a professional crisis intervention service will help you create the best plan of action to getting your loved one help.

A crisis intervention is similar to a drug intervention. You need to explain to your loved one that everyone involved is there to help and that they can better their lives by taking your advice and the advice of the other professionals involved. There should be psychologists and other professionals involved in the crisis intervention. These people are the type that want to help someone succeed and have the education to make it happen. They have been educated and trained so they can help them with their emotional and behavioral problems. It is extremely important that they receive help when their emotions reach that crisis point.

Someone who works for a crisis intervention service will use proven techniques that go beyond just talking and listening to the person struggling. They will be able to teach you or loved one tools that can help with emotions, they will give them skills on how to handle and deal with stress and grief. During an emotional crisis people will put life on hold and will stop shooting for their goals in life. A crisis interventionist will help them get the proper type of help so they can start working towards those goals again. They will help them get the life back that they once cherished, a life of happiness, achievement and prosperity.

Are You or a Loved One Struggling?

If you or a loved one is struggling and could benefits from a crisis intervention then reach out to us today.  Contact Intervention Services now at 1-877-478-4621 to start the process of recovery. You don’t need to wait for things to get worse. An intervention can stop the pain and the chaos and. Bring peace of mind to you and your family, there is no charge to speak with one of our representatives, don’t hesitate, call today.